Web application hacking

When it comes to web application hacking we have a very specific and structured workflow, dependant on the system’s language or framework. In general the exposure of web applications to hackers is high. Cyrex initially started with hacking web applications, we’ve been performing security tests on web-based platforms for years and the amount of different vulnerabilities we have determined is significant.





Mobile hacking

We love hacking IOS and Android applications. We’ve been performing security tests on mobile applications for a while now and our expertise has increased exponentially. Thanks to our investments in research and hands-on experience, we developed a skillset consisting of many different techniques regarding to mobile application hacking.




Client game hacking

Since the beginning of 2015, we started reverse engineering client applications. Meaning we crack the application its code to a state where the client’s code is readable. In this way we can modify the application, by rewriting code and using the correct protocols in order to send requests and fetch responses of the target’s server. The aim of this modification is to bypass security controls that were put in place and the ability to determine vulnerabilities.